Alanna and Phi's Backyard Wedding in Palm Springs, CA

"Alanna and Phi came to me as a referral from some friends I met at Hangar 18 Rock Climbing Gym a few years back. I knew while talking with Phi on the phone that this was a going to be a fun couple, and wedding, to photography. Read on to learn a bit about these two lovebirds and click the link below to see more images from their Palm Springs Backyard Wedding."

How did you meet?

"Tinder! We were both forced by our coworkers to download the app after they thought we were miserable being single. We were both very doubtful at how successful it would be but I think that made it work out for us even more. And through the app, we were able to see that we already have mutual friends. And through telling each other stories, we found out that we missed each other at several events that we were both at for the past few years. Crazy."

Tell me about the proposal.

"I had the ring on me because we were on our way to Malibu. She loves Malibu. She also loves watching the sunset and driving along the PCH. I wanted to let HER play out the day. As we were driving home, she said “let’s drive down the PCH”… and so I did… Then she said “hey let’s pull over and hang out along the beach for a sec”… and so I did. Then she said, “let’s get on the life guard tower and watch the sunset”…. And I’m sure you know the rest."

What was the vision you had for your wedding? Any DIY elements?

"We wanted everyone to be together and have an amazing time. I know that’s totally common but we felt that the wedding should just represent everything we love about ourselves, our love for our friends and family, and for each other. We wanted the place to be magical and meaningful (Alanna’s favorite place is Palm Springs) and we wanted everyone to experience that with us. There are obviously so many favorite parts but dancing with all of our friends and family might be my favorite. Oh and then jumping in the pool. Our good friend Nicole made the backdrop you see in the ceremony. Arianna’s husband made the stand to hold up the backdrop."

Tell us a little bit about your honeymoon.

"We did absolutely NOTHING! We arrived in Hawaii, got into our rental car, and as we were driving to our hotel, Alanna looked over and said “so… what do you want to do?” It was a week of just relaxing, eating, drinking, and enjoying each other. In other words, perfect."

The love these gorgeous newly weds have for one another, and their friends and family, is infectious. I am honored to have been chose to photograph their Colorful-Boho-Tropical Backyard Wedding in Palm Springs. And a special thank you to Morgan and Steve for sending these two my way!