Fall Inspired Maternity Session at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, CA || Hope & Aron

I've known Hope and Aron for sometime, having met them at the local rock climbing gym. We connected over our mutual love genuine conversation and, of course, of rock climbing. These two are fantastic human beings, and I am honored that they reached out to me to document their love for one another and their new baby girl, Holland.

From Hope:

"We met because of rock climbing shoes. I was resting between climbs at the gym when a pair of matching shoes came into view. We talked the rest of the day about hiking, the outdoors, and of course, rock climbing.

After that, Aron and I kept running into each other. Conversations at the gym turned into dates. Neither of us were looking for "the one" so when things started getting a little more serious we were both surprised. He backed off and we didn't speak for a month or so. 

I had just gotten back from a trip to Yosemite when he called again. Turned out neither of us could forget the other.

Within one year we got married and were expecting. Aron and I immediately knew who we wanted for our maternity shoot. 

Czar is a fellow climber and friend. He taught me to lead climb and had known Aron for a couple years. It was exciting to work with a photographer that had been a witness to our relationship.

I went into labor and gave birth to our little girl, Holland on January 7th, the same day the photos were finished. I remember waking up to an email with copies of the pictures. Seeing them for the first time while holding Holland was surreal, and emotional. I had gone from someone who didn't want to get married or have kids to meeting my life partner, and giving birth to the most precious thing I'll ever be gifted with.

Maybe one day she'll climb mountains with us. If she does, we already have a pair of matching shoes for her to wear."

We were all very excited to have this shoot featured on The Fount Collective maternity blog. I hope you enjoy these images!