“The experience of working with Czar was beyond anything we could have imagined. Czar provided us with a level of attentiveness and service, which was only exceeded by his talent and vision. It sounds like a cliché, but he was a customer service department, a world-class photographer, and a project planner all rolled into one. The way he was able to communicate what he can do, how he can do it, and what are the lessons learned from his years of experience, to help us turn our hope for a beautifully captured wedding, into a tangible organized plan was AMAZING. Czar took the time to get to know us, and was able to ask the right questions to help all of us learn what it is we really wanted out of our photography. He focused on the larger vision, but was able to be granular about the details. And that level of care and attentiveness really showed us his character and ability.

Needless to say we are recommending him to all our friends and family!”

- Britni & Nick Aralis

“Thank you so much Czar for EVERYTHING! We truly appreciated all the time and effort you put into our photos and think the images came out beautifully! We are so glad we had you as our photographer.”

- Pola & Daniel